Marty Isenberg, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist who also specializes in Mentalism and MIND BENDING MAGIC.  He performs mentalism/magic shows for parties, gatherings and corporate events.  He also performs for children of all ages.

Dr. Isenberg is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and can be contacted at 1221 West 103rd Street, #341, Kansas City, MO, 64114.  His telephone/FAX is 816-942-8286 and his e-mail is Martmi@live.com.

He has worked as a psychologist in many settings.  Besides practicing psychology for 30+ years, he has been performing MIND BENDING MAGIC, specializing in matters of the mind, ESP magic, mind-reading demonstrations and mind-boggling predictions.  His performances are guaranteed to make you think, wonder, and be entertained.

"Fantastic!  Great magic to teach!  I loved it!!!  I will recommend you to anyone."

"You were awesome.  I needed your thoughts and ideas to change my attitude."

"Thank you!  A delightful conclusion to a long weekend."

"Fantastic!  What an imaginative way to demonstrate the topic being discussed."

"The magic tricks were superb!!"


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